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Richard Berankis

Berankis was born in Vilnius, Lithuania, to Jelena and Genadijus. His mother works in a post office, while his father is a taxi driver. He has one sister, Lina, who was also a tennis player. Berankis resides in Bradenton, Florida, but sometimes also visits Vilnius, Lithuania. He speaks Lithuanian, [...]

Amputee Football

*What is amputee football? Amputee football is when you lose a leg or arm, and become amputee, it‘s doesn‘t have  to stop you from enjoing what you love  to do. Tree of the players  each have one leg and the fourth player , the goalkeeper, has one arm. The rules of the game similar to five-a-side [...]

Sport for disabled people

Sport for Disabled People (1990 – 1994) 1990 March 11, After the restoration of Lithuanian independence was essential changes in the Lithuanian sport, touching and disabled sports. Began a long, complex and difficult process. Started to reform legal framework, reorganized the medical, social, [...]

EuroBasket 2011

EuroBasket 2011 m. EuroBasket 2011 was the 37th men’s European Basketball Championship, held by FIBA Europe. The competition was hosted by Lithuania. This was the second time Eurobasket had been held in Lithuania, the country having also hosted the 1939 championship. FIBA Europe asserted that [...]

Giedrius Titenis biography

                                                    Giedrius Titenis         Giedrius Titenis (born in 1989, 21 July Anykščiai) – Lithuanianswimmer and Olympic team member.   Height: 193 cm. Weight: 85 kg. Education: Madona Baranauskas Secondary School Grade 12 [...]
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